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Who needs a Sustainability Consultant?

The majority of people want to live a more healthy, sustainable and ecolgially responsible life, but most either don't know where to start, feel overwhelmed, or simply just want someone to give them a jumping-off place. In fact, there are more people in the U.S. that don't even recycle as compared to those that do. It's not that they don't want to recycle, it's usually that they just need to put a few simple systems into place. 


Most people have seen the movies and studies about how bad plastic is for the planet. It's in the oceans in such large amounts that it is said that it would be futile to even try to clean it all up.  The 5 Gyres aren't simply big masses of plastic that look like islands. They are areas in the ocean where the water cycles the plastic in huge circles. As the plastic breaks down the fish and birds eat it because they think it's food. And some of the bits are so tiny that when these fish are caught and consumed by humans, we're actually eating plastic. Would you just go and take a bite out of a plastic bottle? Of course you wouldn't. It's said that the best thing that we can do is to stop adding to the problem. This is generally common knowledge by now.


But did you know that it's also pretty horrible for your health? The chemicals in plastic have been shown to be known hormone and endocrine disrupters as well as carcinogens. The hard part is that they're everywhere and the more we idnore it, the more concentrated our chemical body burden becomes. Once you notice it, it's hard to ignore. Someone once said, "what are you pretending not to know?" The best we can do is to eliminate them as much as possible.

And what about the food that we eat? Doing the research and finding out what is really in our food and where it comes from takes time and effort (not to mention a sprinkling of tenacity.) Do you really know if your food and produce is organic or not? And did you know that there is actually more than one category of organic? And what about all of that "read the labels" stuff? If you know what you're looking at or how to read a food label, it can get pretty confusing. I remember getting to the point where I would just look at a lablel like a deer caught in the headlights, then just give up and toss the dang Froot Loops in the cart. 

Then there are all of the cleaning products and personal care products that we bring into our home. What is that thing that is in the ingredients list? If you don't know what it is, it can get pretty scary and overwhelming. Learning how making your own cleaning products can be simple and save you you a fatty ol' wad of cash to boot.

There is also the issues of air quality and what we're breathing in. There are so many studies out there that link air quality to allergies, asthma, etc. 


Aaaahhhhhgggg!!! It's too much!!


This is where I come in. 


How Can I Help You?


There are a LOT of ways that we can either eliminate chemicals from our lives, but most of the time we don't really notice them until they're brought to our attention. After all, you don't know what you don't know. 

Your sustainability journey begins with me coming to visit you and you'll recieve an Eco-Audit. We decide what areas you would like to work on and we go from there. I show you where, what we call 'the offenders', are hidden and provide you with alternatives, resources, systems and skills to start your adventure into being more ecologically healthy and friendly. 

Of course, we'll never be able to be totally chemical-free, but it's my goal to show you where you can make some significant changes. We do our best and together we can make our environments cleaner and more healthy than they were before. 


How Long Does It Take?

A typical audit lasts about 3 hours, depending on the size of the room/project. Businesses can take up to approximately 4 hours or more.

How Much Do You Charge?


A single Eco-Audit starts at $70, depending on the size of the space. This covers two hours of audit time and a written report. Each additional hour is $30. 


Will you come back and teach me specific things, like cooking and making products?

How much do you charge for this?


Sure thing! Learning to cook from scratch can be tricky if that's not your bag, but, like Chef Gusteau in Ratatouille, I believe that anyone can cook (but maybe not rats). I would love to come and hang out with you and share with you all of the tricks of the trade that I know. I'll even take you shopping and show you how to shop zero-waste, if that's what you're after. This is $30/hour for the first hour with a 2 hour minimum. 


Do you remember, in typing class (ugh, showing my age here!), the phrase that was used because it used more letters of the alphabet than other phrases? Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. At least, that's what they told us. Anyway, now is the time! It's time to take control of your health, your desires to move toward a sustainable and responsible lifestyle, and to encourage others to take the jump with you. All you have to do is reach out...give me ring, send me a text, shoot me an email, or send a carrier pigeon with a note stuck to it's leg...let's get the show on the road!


Be Well!,

Tatia Elizabeth Childers


Call or text (828)550-7573


Carrier pigeon....if you've got one I'll really be impressed!

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey?

I'm looking forward to speaking with you to see how I can help you!

Tatia Elizabeth Childers

Sustainability Consultant

South Eastern Rep, Life Without Plastic, Health & Wellness Coach, and Homesteader


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