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When we decided that we wanted to live a more sustainable life, naturally, we wanted to homestead and go totally off-grid. Now, that's when we lived in San Diego, in the middle of the city. It's pretty hard to do any of that in the middle of a city where the zoning and laws are so restrictive that you feel like you're going to choke.


That's when we decided to sell nearly everything we owned and move. We lived in a 2700sf house with a 2 1/2 car garage and an attic and the yard, surprisingly, was pretty big (for San Diego). We sold almost everything, packed up the rest in one POD and our CRV and headed to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. We bought a house on a little over half an acre with a creek running behind it. It's smaller than what we wanted, but it's a start, right?


The first year was more about getting used to the weather patterns and getting our bearings in a new place. This year will be all about the build. The project list is LONG (which I'm sure makes Alan tired just looking at it), but one thing at a time, we'll get it done. Fence entire yard...build chicken coop...build garden boxes...fence garden area...add berry bushes...build bridge/gazebo across creek...build goat shed/pen...plant fruit trees...build rabbit hutches...the list is endless. It's not an overnight project, but if it were, the rewards wouldn't be nearly as satisfying, would they?


So here we are, at the beginning of our adventure. Pull up a chair and cup of coffee (or tea..or wine!) and join us! 



The Honey-Do List (with help from me and Darrian)

I can only imagine how long the Honey-Do lists are for people who purchase a huge homestead. We started with a small one, so while the list might look shorter, it sure feels like a mile long. Here's our to-do list, not necessarily in order. 

  • Build chicken coop (in process)
  • Build garden boxes
  • Build second woodshed
  • Build fence around garden
  • Build fence around perimeter of property
  • Build bridge and gazebo across creek
  • Build goat pen
  • Build rabbit hutches
  • Build chicken coop for meat birds
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Build compost bins
  • Build smoker
  • Build solar dehydrator
  • Install gas line to kitchen/buy gas stove
  • Install solar panels
  • Buy bee hives and bees
  • Remodel kitchen
  • New roof
  • New siding and windows
  • Build out deck w/ mudroom
  • Finish out basement (if we're not dead by then)

The Day We Bought Our House!

When we lived in San Diego we were making 6 figures and still couldn't afford to buy a house in our own neighborhood. Alan is a retired, Navy veteran and when we bought this house, he didn't even have a job yet (not that the job that he has now is much...part-time at Lowe's and LOVES it).


We were thrilled to be able to finally buy a place that we could call our own and do whatever we want to it! 

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey?

I'm looking forward to speaking with you to see how I can help you!

Tatia Elizabeth Childers

Sustainability Consultant

South Eastern Rep, Life Without Plastic, Health & Wellness Coach, and Homesteader


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