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I'm excited that you're considering me as your partner in your journey to sustainability, health and wellness! 


I grew up with a mother and grandmothers who made everything from scratch, so I suppose that is just how I thought everyone did things. I guess I was spoiled! Yeah, there were times that we ate Velvetta, but I really don't remember it being that often. But in that, I learned how amazing living an organized, sustainable life and keeping our food and environment as clean as possible can make you feel on top of the world and ready for anything. Yep, I'll say it; my Mama is one of the sweetest, most inspiring women I know.


As I got older I realized that not everyone was raised the same way that I was. *SHOCK* The bulk of their diet was processed food, which caused them to continually feel crappy and worn out. Their personal spaces were unstustainable and confused, which I saw play out in their daily lives and relationships. It made me so sad, but I also knew that I was blessed with something to share with them (thank you, Mama!). If we're not here to help each other, what else are we here for?


I've been an essential oil educator for several years and it is just one of the ways that I choose to serve and help others. My husband helped me realize that I have a passion for sustainability and preparedness and that I could actually help others in their journeys on that path. I've been living (as best I can) for the past several years doing what I can to live a plastic-free life, be as zero-waste as possible with an eye towards sustainability, and I've been cooking real food as long as I can remember. In my experience, once you start down the path of any kind of self-improvement it's like going down the rabbit hole. For me, the farther down I go, the more fun it is. Knowledge is power and with that knowledge we can change our lives, change our health, and help to heal the planet and mankind. In the meantime, I share the skills and knowledge that I have and get great joy and happiness in it. 

Becoming a team with you means that I support you in becoming the best you can be. It's important to me that you feel comfortable when we chat, so I don't mind taking the time for an informal initial conversation.

Feel free to call me at (828) 550-7573 or use the contact form.


Be well,
Tatia Elizabeth



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Are you ready to take the next step in your journey?

I'm looking forward to speaking with you to see how I can help you!

Tatia Elizabeth Childers

Sustainability Consultant

South Eastern Rep, Life Without Plastic, Health & Wellness Coach, and Homesteader


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